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10 Hot Veteran Romances

In honor of Veterans Day I have a round up of my favorite 10 Hot Veteran Romances!  You know how I love to read all things romance novels, what you may not know is I am a Army Vet and Hubby is a Navy Vet.  I actually come from a big military family and we all love to have a BBQ and relax on Veterans Day.  This year we are having a little BBQ at the house and everyone who is in town is getting together.  Mermaid is going to wear her American Flag Minnie Mouse shirt and we are going to stuff our faces with chicken and cake.  The best part is I made the deserts yesterday so today I get to sit around and read while my favorite Vet mans the grill.

Some of these are series, because the more the merrier right?  Go grab your Kindle and get ready to go on one hot roller coaster ride.

The header for each book is an affiliate link to Amazon.  It won’t change anything for you – I just get credit if you buy a copy.


My Favorite Hot Vet Ever – Ranger from Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich

No list of Vets is going to be complete without Ranger in it.  The Stephanie Plum Series has over 25 books, and in each one of them is Ranger.  He was in the military and now he runs a security company and acts as a part time bounty hunter when Stephanie needs help.  This man is hot.  He is one of my top 3 Book Boyfriends and has held his spot at #2 for over 9 years.  It is because of him I now know what Bvlgari shower gel smells like.  In the series Stephanie goes back and forth from Ranger to Joe Morelli.  In the beginning I was team Joe, but he was a punk in the last novel and now I am firmly team Ranger.


Dare You To Love Me (A NOLA Heart Novel Book 3) by Maria Luis

This is a sweet book.  Luke had to leave the service after he broke his hip overseas. In a friendly football game.  Seriously.  Now he is back in New Orleans going through physical therapy and figuring out how to live life as a civilian.  Along the way he meets Anna when she literally knocks him off his feet when she first meets him.  There are so many things that I loved about this book.  I can’t say more because spoilers, but after reading this one I have gone back and started from book 1 in the series.



Gray Wolf Security Series by Glenna Sinclair

This is a 5 book series that is based around a security company full of vets.  Each book has a high action plot that will keep you flipping pages to see what is going to blow up next, and how exactly the couple is going to make it to each other by the end.  My favorite from this series is actually Joss’s story.  She had a horrible trauma and quit talking.  It doesn’t keep her from being a kick ass member of the team though.  I pulled for her for the first two books, and when she got her own story I read the whole thing in one sitting.  If I had to pick one woman to guard Mermaid it would be her.   The bonus for this series is if you love it, there are spin off series that you can read where they open new offices in other towns.  These books are kind of like Pringles – you can’t stop at one.



Alpha UnSEALed (Shifters UnSEALed Book 1) by JJ Jones

If you have checked out my GoodReads profile you know that I have a serious thing about shifter romances.  After reading this one you will too.  Finn was a Navy Seal until they discovered he was a shifter, then out he went.  While trying to figure out his problems he finds Adeline in the trouble and then things get heated.  I can’t go into more detail because of spoilers but this is a great book to spend your weekend with.






Lily’s Outlaw (Once A Marine Always A Marine Book 2) by Kori David

This is the second book in a four book series based on a security firm.  Lily is a politician’s daughter turned photo journalist.  After taking a photo in the desert, she is hunted by a drug cartel, because the photo is enough to do some serious damage to them if the cops get ahold of it.  Now she has to trust Jesse to keep her safe. She really doesn’t want to because of a shared past but after giving him a chance she changes her mind.  I think this is one of my favorite Veteran/ Security Company series ever.  Grab the whole bag of Oreos and turn off the phone because your not going to stop reading once you start.






Vinny: Alvarez Security Series by Maryann Jordan

My absolute favorite musical instrument is the Harp.  There are very few books written about harpists out there so imagine how happy I was to find a romance that had an alpha male protecting said harpist.  Annalissa is best described as severly sheltered, so when drugs are discovered in her luggage things go way off the rails for her.  I love how she breaks out of her shell and handles business and Vinny.  The other books in the series are just as awesome.





Callaghan Brothers Series by Abbie Zanders

Hold on to your Kindle ladies.  This series is based on a family of hot brothers who work covertly from the family pub.  There are 9 of them.  9 hot men and the women they protect and fall for.  I have read the whole series at least twice, and I still can’t pick a favorite out of them.  Now when I go into any Pub I scope it out looking for where the owners are hiding the secret doors and stashing the weapons.




Storm of Attraction (Willowdale Volume 1) by Lily Black

This is a stand alone that is kind of dark because of a stalker that is getting aggressive.  This book falls into so many different categories it is hard to fit it into just one.  Alexa is a librarian in a small town who moonlights as a black belt instructor.  She literally is a kick ass librarian.  Everything was going well for her until a stalker ups his game, and an her old flame Drew comes back from the Army.  If I could pick a friend from a novel it would be Alexa I just love her.  This is another second chance romance that is going to get to you.

Black Knights Inc. Series by Julie Ann Walker

This series will sizzle your bacon.  There are 12 books based on a covert government group made up of veterans.  Wait for it – they are based in a motorcycle shop!  Not some pansy little one either a big bad one. There are helicopters, secret entries, and more hot bodies than a firemen’s calendar.  The thing that makes it even better is there are several second chance stories in the series that I read in one sitting each.  I think my favorite character out of all of them is Becky.  She is just so damn funny.  I love the way that she can kick ass with all the operatives, trick out a motorcycle, and drive her man crazy with lollipops.


Mystery Man (Dream Man Series Book 1) by Kristen Ashley

Full Disclosure I haven’t read this book yet.  I have read 2 others in the series and this one is next on the list.  From reading about him in the other books I know that this one is going to be panty scorching hot.  I can tell you that he is a prior service man who creates a security empire in Denver, and once he sets his sights on the woman he wants he works towards becoming the man of her dreams.  I have a night next week scheduled on the calendar for this one.  Yep one whole night when Hubby will be at work that I can just eat cake and read.


Do you have a favorite Vet Romance?  Leave me a comment below so I can love it too.




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