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10 Hot Fire Fighters

Have you been looking for some reading inspiration?  This week I am bringing you my top 10 Hottest Fire Fighters I have found in romances.  Some books get more into the nitty gritty of fighting a fire, some just a brief mention but all of them will get your fire going.  Enough cheese?



10 Hot Fire Fighter Romances

Anne Marsh is a new author to me and I am loving her.  Hung is the first book in the Mister Hotshot series and I have the next two sitting in my TBR folder on my Kindle.  This is a scorching hot and super sweet book.  The heroine is on the run from an abusive ex-boyfriend.  She ends up in a small mountain town working as a cook for a fire camp.  She falls for one of the guys even when she tries not to and he defends her and sends the ex packing when he tracks her to the camp.  Wait until you get to the scene in the supply shed.



Burning Up 

Susan Anderson is one of my favorite authors.  She has so many great books but this is one of my favorites.  The heroine goes back to the small town that she grew up in and was hated by most of the town.  Of course she didn’t deserve it – do we ever?  This book has a bunch of good points – returning home successful, getting through a high school reunion, and the whole falling in love bit.




Kristy Bromberg is another new author to me and I just can’t buy her books fast enough.  I read Combust because it set one of my book groups on fire.  I love it.  She catches her boyfriend cheating on her, but has to finish out a contract with him.  So her brother gets a friend of his to let her crash with him while she finishes it up.  They are just supposed to be room mates but we know how that is going to end up right?  Keep your eyes peeled for the dance scene.  Just saying.



Chasing Fire

Nora Roberts has had me hooked since I was in college with Birthright.  I haven’t read every book she has published but it is darn close.  Chasing Fire is different because the heroine is a smoke jumper!  This story has more suspense and drama so be prepared to bite your nails.





Hot Damn 

Katherine Lace is regularly recommended in my favorite online book group and after reading this book I know why.  She is a single mom trying to live her life on her terms, and he is the hot fire fighter who literally saves her naked ass.  She wants a fake relationship for a few weeks but he is hooked.  Of course he is right ladies?




Sex and the Single Fireman found a series on firemen written by Jennifer Bernard as a suggestion on Amazon because I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  Now I am loving her for books as well.  I haven’t read the whole series but this is my favorite so far.  This book has so many fun points:  both of them are firefighters in the same station, they have a ‘meeting’ in Reno before they know who each other really is, one has a secret past, one has a tortured past.  The list just keeps going.



Put Out

When I told a friend I was binging on fire fighter romances she told me about the Kilgore Fire Series by Lani Lynn.  I broke my OCD brain when I picked the last book to read first.  I am so glad I did.  Angie  is a fighter and a survivor.  I love this type of female lead because I identify with them the most.  The best part is he knows what he wants and he is going to get it.  Make sure to have a box of tissues and a fan handy – you will need both at some point with this book.




Skin Deep

This is the first book in the Station 17 series by Kimberly Kincaid.  I have to be honest I haven’t read it yet but it is on the top of my TBR pile.  So far there are 4 books and they all revolve around the same fire house.  The drawing point for the series is the suspense element.  In each book it looks like the couple has to not only fall in love and figure out life but defeat a bad guy.  If you have read this series leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.



Flirting With Fire 

Hot In Chicago Series by Kate Meader is another series sitting on top of my TBR pile.  It is about a group of foster kids who become firefighters and join the same station.  A friend of mine recommended them when she heard about this round up.  She liked the first one so much she read them all back to back on a weekend road trip.  Each one is about 400 pages so that is some dedication.



Slow Burn 

This book and really the whole series by JH Croix is also on my TBR pile.  It was recommended in my online book group.  They know how much I love a strong alpha man and promise this one won’t disappoint.  He chases her for two years before he finally takes his shot.  Its a nice change of pace when the couple knows each other for a while before finally ending up together.




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